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The M.A. in English programme is different from that of other universities in that it is a fine amalgamation of literature, language, translation and cultural studies. With the advent of globalization, the need for people with good communication skills in English has sky-rocketed. A cursory glance at any newspaper will reveal that people with good communication skills in English are the need of the hour. Bearing this in mind, JVBI has launched an innovative M.A. in English programme which will be of immense assistance to the students in particular and society in general.



  • To prepare the students to qualify for various competitive examinations like Net/SET/ and others to enable them to get employment.
  • To expose the learners to the constantly changing global situations through works of literature so that they can compete successfully and come out as winners.
  • To teach them the essential human values through Indian literature and culture.
  • To expose them to different literatures and cultures in order to make them broad minded.
  • To train students in communication skills in English.
  • To make students competent in translation studies and English Language Teaching.