Hindi Heading

M.A. in


Hindi Introduction


After the independence of India in1947 it began a period of growth that continues today. It was dreamt to expanse our national language Hindi. Our aim to provide Hindi education is to strong command of students on their own language.

The Duration of Hindi MA courses shall be of 2 Years. The University has continuous system on assessment & evaluation of measurement of learning outcomes by students. The Learning is assessed by assignment, Exercise analysis, report submission and Annual Examination. the curriculum involves:- Modern Hindi Poetry, Prose Literature, Poetry and Critical Study of Literature, History of Hindi Literature, Jain Culture and Value of Life, Ancient & Medieval Poetry, Philology and Hindi Language, Folk Literature, Art of Translation, Prayojanmulak Hindi. Our aim exists to all-round development of learners.

Total Marks 1000 Total Course 10 Total Credits 64


  • To provide Higher Education to diverse section of society as an instruments of democratizing Education
  • To provide Education to such section of society, which are unable to get education through face to face education
  • To educate the society, which are deprived education due to crossing of their age limit
  • To increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio of State and in turn to Nation
  • To provide the opportunity to employed person to increase their educational Qualification
  • To provide education of person (Male & Female) working in their business, Housewife or Agriculture
  • To provide alternative Cost effective non formal Channel for tertiary Education
  • To provide higher education in Hindi Literature
  • To enable to get carrier in Hindi Literature