B.Com Heading

BCom Introduction


B.Com is a three-year undergraduate degree program spread over Three Years. The course allows students to gain a wide variety of skills in the commerce and trade domain. Students learn a plethora of business skills while building competence in the same. The curriculum involves Financial Accounting, Business Regulatory Frame Work, Goods and Service Tax, Business Statistics, Business Economics Business Budgeting, Principles of Business Management, Corporate Accounting, Company Law and Auditing, Income Tax Law, Business Environment, Cost Accounting, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Management Accounting, Project Management, Financial Management, Principle of Marketing, Indian Banking System. Along with intensive studying, B.Com course also pushes students towards a dissertation that is primarily based on research. The main objective here is to prepare students to function well in the business world as per the industrial needs.

Total Marks 2100 Total Course 7 Total Credits 105


  • To develop economic understanding
  • To develop student understanding of economics problems and their effects on society
  • To develop sense of values that serve as the basis of economic planning.
  • To make students understand the importance of nature of trade and activities in trade, commerce and business.
  • To enable students to undertake various banking activities.
  • To enable students to appreciate the organisation.
  • To develop students knowledge doubts various business practices and procedurals.
  • To enable the students to be able to serve in various sectors of trade, commerce and business.
  • To try to make clear to the students that "man is the product of the environment".
  • To help the students to determine a proper balance between savings and expenditure.
  • To provide knowledge of various means for increasing per capita income.
  • To make available persons having a desire to become good CA/CS.