Stipend & Scholarships: A limited number of merit-cum-need based scholarships are available for deserving students. The students belong to SC/ST/OBC are provided scholarship from Social Welfare Department as per State Government norms.

1. Under Graduate Level

(A) Need-based scholarship in B.A./B.COM (Semester-I) :Scholarships are given to needy students (up to 15 % of the students) who will be required to furnish the following details along with supporting documents on having secured admission to the desired course :

(i) Proof of the annual income of family, (ii) Minimum 45% marks in 10 + 2 final examination. The above scholarship is only for the first year students. The number of such scholarships are limited.

(B) Need-cum-merit-based scholarship in B.A./B.COM (Semester I to VI up to 15% of the students) :Scholarship provided in 1st year may be renewed in subsequent years subject to the student's performance. Students should fulfil following conditions : (i) If students secures below 60% marks in I & II Sem. she will get discount of 40% in tuition fee in III & IV Sem. and if student secures below 60% marks in III & IV Sem. she will be given discount of 30% in tuition fee in V & VI Sem. (ii) Proof of family income (iii) Good conduct certified by principal (iv) 100% attendance in the class.

(C) Merit based Scholarship Schedule in B.A./ (Semester I and II).

% of marks secure
in 12th Standard
Amount of
Amount of Scholarship in
Semester III & IV
90% and above 100% 80%
80% and above 70% 50%
70% and above 40% 25%
60% and above 25% 15%

Notes :All these scholarships will contribute only towards the waiver of tuition fee and no cash rewards. The student will have to bear other expenses. In case of that student who gets scholarship from any other agencies. She has to refund scholarship which is given by JVBI, Ladnun.

2. Post Graduate Level

(A) For the students of Post graduate courses (non-conventional subjects) stipends are offered to 5 students per year (Rs. 1000/- p.m. for 10 months only). For the Student of Jainology and Prakrit, the amount of Scholarship is Rs. 2000/- p.m. (for 10 months only).

(B) For M.Phil. Courses stipends of Rs. 1500/- per month for 10 months only are offered to 5 students on merit basis only to those students who have their masters degree either in Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy or in Prakrit.

The award of stipend will be made on the recommendations of HOD and approval of Vice-Chancellor. However every student who gets the stipend should have :

(i) Good conduct certified by HOD and concerned Administrative Officers including respective hostel wardens.

(ii) Regular attendance, which means :

(a) A student must have minimum of 75% attendance every month.

(b) If a student is admitted up to the 15th of the month he/she will be entitled for the stipend for that month fulfilling the condition of a minimum of 75% attendance proportionately. But if he/she is admitted after the 15th, the stipend for that month will not be granted to him/her.