Jain Vishva Bharati Institute
M. S. Anekant Shodhpeeth (Research Bench)

Mahadevlal Saraogi Anekant Shodhpeeth is an integral part of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute. The idea of establishing this Shodhpeeth germinated on the occasion of the 83rd birth-day celebration of Gurudev Tulsi, the first Anushasta of the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute. It has been established to facilitate research work in all disciplines in oriental learning’s, particularly in Jainology. A dedicated team of researchers headed by Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji has produced the research work of high academic excellence. Other scholars also have been engaged for the same purpose through this center.   

Dr Samani Mangal Prajna 
This is a well-known fact that Jain Vidya has a vast storehouse of philosophic and scientific knowledge which is yet to be presented before the world in adequate and specific form.
The spectacular progress of modern science has also provided the impetus to delve into our ancient intellectual accomplishments and establish their validity and age relevance. This backdrop thus determines the values and norms that govern the overall functioning of the Shodhpeeth. 
Nature of work 
  1. Prepare annotated bibliography of Jain Texts and Treatises.
  2. Edit ancient manuscripts.
  3. Prepare Koshas (dictionaries) in diverse disciplines of Jain Vidya.
  4. Launch projects for identifying and analyzing modern scientific concepts in Jain Vidya such as:
    1. Space
    2. Time
    3. Atom
    4. Black Hole
    5. Cosmos
    6. Evolution
    7. Ecology
  5. Translate the Jain Texts and literature available in Indian and foreign languages into Hindi and English.
  6. Prepare summary descriptions of unpublished research works in various universities germane to Jain Vidya.
  7. Organise seminars/workshops/conferences and lecture series.
  8. Produce creative and relevant literature pertaining to Jain Vidya.
  9. Promote research work in the fields of Science of Living, Preksha Dhyana, Anuvrat and Value education.
  10. Publish important literature pertaining to Jain Vidya.
  11. Generate awareness about the preservation, protection and propagation of Jain Arts and Culture.
  12. Produce simplified literature on Jain Vidya with a view to promoting its popularity.
  13. Enrich Jain Vidya and make it accessible through the use of modern means of communication and exchange processes.



Dr  L.M. Singhvi :

The Concept of Anekanta  

Mr. Chaturvedi Badrinath Anekanta :

Freedom from Hatred and  Violence  

Mr. Chaturvedi Badrinath Human Relationships :

Aparigraha and ahimsa Not- engulfing, Not violence  

Rev. Valson Thampu     

Anekanta and Christian Spirituality         

Dr  K.S. Singh   Diversities :

Objective and Cognitive  

Dr  S.R. Banerjee

Anekanta and Language  

Prof. M.D.G. Koreth Anekanta : 

Perceptions from Physics and Psycho-Therapy  

Ms. S. Kanaka & Ms. S. Regunathan Anekanta :

A Dancer’s Portrait  

Mr. G.Sharman & Ms. Jalabala Vidya     

The World is Awash with Colour, Dear! 

Prof. Arun Kumar Mookerjee

Anekanta as a Polylogue  

 International Seminar on Anekanta: A Dialogue on HumanConcerns

Anekanta as an idea is not anything peculiar to Jainism. It has been articulated and made a base for metaphysical theory in this school of thought. The idea itself exists in all aspects/schools of life. The idea of the international seminar was to foster a sense of co-existence, appreciation of diversity and develop amity and goodwill.  

A 3-Day international seminar was organized by the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute, Ladnun, and was held at Vadodara (Gujarat) in the auspicious presence of the Institute’s Anushasta Acharya Mahaprajna from 6 to 9 December, 2002. The venue was Pratap Vilas Palace (Railway Staff College), Vadodara. The seminar was dedicated to the four main themes:
  1. Anekanta : Philosophical Perspectives
  2. Anekanta : A Blueprint for Ahimsa and Peace
  3. Anekanta : The Value Base of Science and Arts
  4. Anekanta : Importance and Applications
Mr. Y.S. Rajan, Scientific Advisor of Chief Minister, Punjab and Vice Chancellor, Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, inaugurated the seminar in the benign presence of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna. 11 delegates from foreign countries (USA, UK and Australia) and 74 delegates from different states of our country participated.
Research Programme 

Jain Vishva Bharati Institute is primarily a research oriented center of higher education and lays greater emphasis on both empirical and desk based research and considers it a necessary pre-requisite for teaching. The research is focused on oriental learning particularly in Jainology and allied subjects under the guidance of Anushasta and learned scholars. The critical editions of all Jain Agams have been prepared and published in Hindi and some in English with critical notes by JVB, the parent body and the institute. Faculty members, Scholars, saints and nuns undertake the research activities.    

The main Subject of the research programme envisaged by this institute is to stimulate interest in and propagate the basic course of Jainology, i.e., non-absolutism, tolerance, fearlessness, nonviolence and other sublime virtues to make a platform to produce an antidote to the present transitional period of human race. In order to achieve this goal, various interdisciplinary research work have been conducted and are being carrying on by the faculty members and the scholars from India and from abroad as well. The Research Board of this Institute has prepared a framework and has identified the ever-relevant problems, which have served as a guideline to the scholars.

Following are Research progrmmes and activities of the Institute.  

  1. Research Chairs
    1. Dalai Lama Chair of Comparative Studies in Buddhism & Jainism To mark the visit of Hon'ble Dlai Lama at Jain Vishva Bharati Institute in 1992, a Chair of Comparative Studies in Jainism and Buddhism was started. Full-fledged facilities for research in this field are available.
    2. Comparative Studies in Vedic & Jain Philosophy & Religion Research Chair has been initiated for Comparative Studies in Jainism and Vedic-Philosophy and Religion with the sponsorship of Rajasthan Patrika, the leading Daily of Rajasthan.
  2. Research Projects
    1. The Herculean task of critical editions of all the following 32 main Jain Agam (in Prakrit), containing the philosophy and principles propounded by the omniscient Lord Mahavira, along with indices and lexicons have been completed under the synod-chiefness of Acharya Tulsi and chief editorship of Acharya Mahaprajna:

































































    2. 10 of the above 32 Jain Agams have been published with Hindi translation, Sanskrit rendering and critical annotations by Acharya Mahaprajna.
      They are- :
      01. Ayaro
      02. Suyagado
      03. Thanam
      04. Samavao
      05. Bhagavai
      06. Avassayam
      07. Dasaveyaliyam
      08. Uttarajjhayanani
      09.  Anuogadaraim
      10. Nandi
      11. Critical edition of Vyvahara Bhasya.  
    3. Completed Research Project 
      01. Science Education and Spiritualism
      02. Agam Sahitya Padanukramanika
      03. Jain Agam Translation Project, Bhagavati Vol. I, II (English translation with critical Commentaries)
      04. Annotated Bibliography of Jain Texts in Tamil.
      05. Ardhmagdhi Agam Saaitya main Nihit Ganit
    4. Ongoing Research Projects by JVBI:
      01.  Bhagavai (Viahapannati) Vol. III
      02.  Critical editions and publications of Nriyukti, Bhasyas, Churnis, etc.
      03.  Forgiveness in Indian youth.  
  3. Quarterly Research Journal
    Quarterly Research Journal of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute is Tulsi Prajna.
  4. Proposed Research Projects
    1. Interpretation of the doctrine of Anekantvad (Non-absolutism or relativism in perspective of modern scientific theories.
    2. Relevance of the doctrine of non-violence of Jain philosophy in the perspective of economics, politics, sociology, psychology, ecology and history.
    3. Jain Meditation and Yoga (Sadhana), giving a complete historical development from the time of Lord Mahavira up to Preksha Dhyan.
    4. Historical development of Jain thought with their impact on contemporary thought.
    5. Jain Astronomy and Cosmology
    6. Strengthen Cultural Values in Education.
    7. Anuvrat Movement: A peace Movement of Social Upliftment.
    8. Training in Non-violence.
    9. Anekant: A Comparative Study.
    10. Political and economical thoughts, in ancient Jain tradition.
    11. Comparative studies of the philosophies of various reformist and Acharya Mahaprajana.
    12. Strengthen cultural values in education and in social order.
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