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Prakrit and Sanskrit

Skt-Pkt Introduction


Sanskrit and Prakrit including Pali are considered as records of the cultural history of India over thousands of years. Sanskrit is widely known as the language of the Veda, Brahmana, Aranyaka, Upanishad and classical Sanskrit. Prakrit is generally known as the language of the Jain canons of both Shvetamber and Digamber. Apart from this it has number of non-canonical literature beginning from third century B.C. Sanskrit and Prakrit both encompass a number of disciplines, such as, Literature, Philosophy, Logic, Language and Grammar, Arts and Aesthetics, and so on, related to various aspects of human value accumulated through the ages. The courses have been designed in such a way that the students of both the subjects get acquainted with the contributions of Indian heritage in various domains of knowledge and can get further opportunity to derive insights into respective disciplines.


  • To preserve ancient languages and literature.
  • To produce proficient scholars.
  • To study manuscripts.
  • To enable the students to communicate in these languages.

Salient Feature

  • Editing and translation of Jain Canons and Commentaries
  • Seminars and Workshops related to Language and Literature
  • Workshops on Manuscriptology
  • Sanskrit Spoken Programme