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Yoga and Science of Living is an innovative and vocational program in behavioral and therapeutic application of yoga and naturopathy along with value education through the synthesis of spirituality and science. The course impart theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan), Preksha Meditation, Yoga, Naturopathy and Applied Psychology. Through the knowledge of these elements one can achieve physical fitness, mental equilibrium and spiritual bliss along with the skill to treat human subjects suffering from various psychosomatic disorders. Preksha Meditation has been included in the curriculum as a new dimension of therapy, which help in promoting the physical, mental and emotional health for the integrated development of the personality.


  • To promote the traditional knowledge of India's rich heritage in the field of yoga
  • To propagate the knowledge and application of Science of Living, a multidimensional system of education based on Indian Philosophy, Values and Culture
  • To explain the scientific benefits of the application of Preksha Meditation
  • To carry out scientific research on the therapeutic application/ effects of Yoga and Preksha Meditation
  • Developing physical, mental, intellectual and emotional well-being capabilities
  • To explore changes occur in bio-chemistry attitude and efficiency through the practice of Preksha Meditation
  • To create Yoga teachers