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Nonviolence and Peace

NVP Introduction


The development of all societies hinges upon the ethos of non-violence. The concept of society is based on the principle of mutual cooperation. Without a foundation of non-violence, society which entails cooperation between individuals could never have arisen. An ideal social life involves reduction of violence for the higher good. From the perspective of society non-violence is considered to be a utilitarian factor.
The department of Nonviolence and Peace envisions to establish a society of justice, peace and freedom which is free from conflicts and war, poverty and environmental degradation.
In fact the resolution of all forms of conflicts is possible through peaceful dialogue based on the principle of anekant, where differences are respected, conflicts are addressed nonviolently, oppressive structures are dismantled, and where people live in harmony with each other nurtured by our common experiences that foster compassion, solidarity, and reconciliation.


  • Making able individual to acquire in depth understanding of the problems of human survival and crisis
  • Providing the guidance regarding nonviolent means to solve the problems
  • To teach theory and give ample opportunities to practice
  • To provide training in nonviolence
  • To promote higher ideals of ‘Ahimsa’, ‘Anekant’, ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Peaceful Coexistence’

Salient Feature

  • Youth camps for Training in Nonviolence
  • Workshop on Family Adjustments and Harmony
  • Conferences and Seminars on De-addiction, Human Rights, Women Empowerment, Environmental Ethics, Relative Economics, etc.
  • Vocational Training for Self-Employment