Online learning programmes have become very popular in the recent years. Considering the need of the hour, JVBI has also started e-leaning programme that was launched by Hon'ble Union Minister, Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Govt. of India. The online programme has many facilities to offer that includes flexible and customization to institute's needs, secure and robust platform, cloud based delivery module, collaborative environment, MIS reports, SMS and dashboard, online student registration and administration, office automation module and online teaching-learning module. This portal will certainly update and expose the students to the various activities of the University through the login to Bulletin-Board.


  • Student registration and evaluation module are developed in the user friendly way so that the learner can get information as soon as he/she login the Institute's portal.
  • The e-learning content in the form of video lectures are available to the students according to their course selection.
  • SMS is the most prompt communication mode in the modern time. It will also be broadcast by the online software automatically at each step of learning activity during the entire course period.
  • Centre coordinators in the Distance Education will also be benefited by this software; they have their own login to check the status of students at their centre.
  • Examination is the most important activity of any Institute, we are in the process to fully computerize pre and post examination activities that will help the students a lot.
  • The software aims at making the learners more informative with the latest changes taking place in the realm of education.