BMIRC Research Policy

  1. Research activities shall be focused on the objectives of the four Chairs; many important areas have been identified by the advisers. lnterdisciplinary projects can also be undertaken.
  2. English translation of important Jaina texts and books is also a desirable activity. Translation of scriptures must have a commentary in modern context.
  3. Any scholar or institution, national or overseas, interested in promoting the objectives of the Center can submit project proposals for study and research.
  4. The Center may also initiate on its own research in areas identified and appoint such staff as may be necessary for this activity.
  5. The projects shall be assessed for its importance and requirements by a Research Committee which will forward its recommendations to the Director for approval of VC.
  6. The Research Committee shall comprise of selected members of the Advisory Board. Other experts may be co-opted depending on the requirements of the project.
  7. The projects shall be financed by Center/JVBl.
  8. The project can be executed at the Center or any of the Chapters depending on the availability of resources.
  9. ln case of project from overseas the Center/JVBI shall find appropriate funding agency to finance the project. Special rules if required for such projects may be framed by the Center.
  10. The credentials of the Principal lnvestigator (Pl), including projects in hand and remuneration thereof, shall be assessed by the Research Committee while making recommendations to the Director.
  11. The Pl shall be allowed an honorarium of Rs. 2000 per day up to a maximum of Rs. 50000 pm for the period of his stay at Ladnun. No remuneration shall be admissible for working at home. JVBI may provide the facility of free boarding and lodging at Ladnun campus and TA for journey.
  12. The Pl is encouraged to refer to Library of JVBI and information available on the internet. No charges for local library consultation shall be admissible.
  13. The typing work may be done at the Center/Chapter office as far as possible. ln case this is not possible the actual typing charges may be reimbursed by the Center. No post of typist shall be sanctioned for any individual project.
  14. Besides research and translation editing of important manuscripts may also be undertaken as projects. ln this case remuneration may be paid on page basis (a page consisting of 500 words).
  15. All reports, books, Monographs, etc. on the outcome of research and study shall be published in English. However, in case of manuscripts the language can be Hindi or English.
  16. It is suggested that publication series be started e.g.
    a. Acharya Tulsi Series for research publications.
    b. Acharya Mahaprajna series for translation, etc.
  17. The laboratory and office facilities available at JVBI and local Chapters may be used for the projects. Investigations requiring costly machines and equipment’s must be out sourced. However, funds can be sanctioned for small items.
  18. The Pl shall submit quarterly progress reports on the project. This report shall be assessed by the Research Committee. The Pl shall also submit a final report on completion of the project.
    Care must be taken to avoid statements that may be source of controversy between various sects of Jainism and its main principles.
  19. The Pl is free to publish the findings of research in reputed journals and magazines and also present in National and international Conferences with the prior permission of the Center. The support of the Center shall be acknowledged in all such cases. Generally center shall not be liable to pay any expenses for this but particular cases may be considered on merit on special request by Pt.
  20. The Pl shall be responsible for maintaining and submission of final accounts in the format decided by the Center.
  21. The budget of the project shall be released on quarterly basis. The budget of the next quarter shall be released on receipt of utilization certificate of the last quarter.
  22. lt shall be the prerogative of the Director to discontinue or terminate the project at any stage in case of unsatisfactory progress as reported by the Research Committee.